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Custom Webmail Domain

You can use your domain as a custom webmail domain, as well as for POP/IMAP and SMTP services. 

To do this, you want to set up the DNS records and then instruct our system to sign SSL certificates for them.

Notes: The “mail” subdomain is for IMAP/POP/SMTP. The “webmail” subdomain is for webmail. Keep in mind that neither will work for the opposite function.

To start you need to take note of the name of the server you're hosted on, which is referenced in our welcome email.

Next, you need to go to your DNS provider and create a new DNS record.

The record you'll be creating is a “CNAME” record. The name of the record should be “webmail” and the target should be the server in your welcome email.

Then, create another record using the same steps but using “mail” instead of “webmail” as the name.

After saving both of those records, you may want to wait for DNS propagation to fully complete.

To assign a SSL certificate, log in to DirectAdmin and go to “SSL Certificates" under the “Account Manager”.

From there, click on Free & automatic certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

When you're on the right page, make sure to UNCHECK the primary domain so only “mail” and “webmail” are selected.

Click save and then you can access webmail.yourdomain.tld with HTTPS, and you can use mail.yourdomain.tld for IMAP, POP, and SMTP. 

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